Dessert, Wine part II (and Rootstock)

We begin with a tale of heartbreak, dear reader. I was preparing to blog about one of the best wine bar desserts I’ve had in a while – a salted caramel semifreddo at 121BC. This stuff is seriously good eating, better even than the salted caramel gelato at Messina.

Soft, creamy, salty, sweet – somehow it goes perfectly with a glass or three of red. The menu is short, and you may need to ask about dessert as it’s not always written on the board, but it’s all focused cooking and designed to be shared. Ribs, quail… I’m amazed they can get so much out of a kitchen the size of a lift. So here’s my plea – for the love of everything delicious and tasty in the world, 121BC, please bring back the salted caramel!


While I’m on my ManVersusGrape soapbox, how good was Rootstock?! I was sceptical about the venue (the Italian Forum at Leichhardt – where Italian food goes to die), but it worked well with some market stalls – I loved washing down a couple slices of lemon drizzle cake from Flour and Stone with a Sample coffee. Then again, a bigger venue like Carriageworks with more stalls would be great too.

Enough bloggers have prattled on about the wines, so let’s focus on dinner. And when I say focus, I mean simply to say it was superb, superb, superb. The bottomless glasses of some really fine wines were well-matched with cooking from some of Australia’s best chefs (including Luke Burgess from Garagistes – my favourite Australian restaurant, but let’s blog on that later). I can’t wait to see the line-up next year (fingers-crossed for one more dessert). Thanks to Matt from Love, Tilly Devine (a brilliant wine bar) for reminding me to book those tickets. Here’s the 2013 menu – let’s see if they can surpass it next year.



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