A steal at Sixpenny

Call me crazy, but I’m sick of degustations. Corby Kummer hit the nail on the head in Vanity Fair when he likened it to tyranny. I’ve sat through degustations at Attica, Sepia and Becasse – all fabulous restaurants which I’ve really enjoyed – with great food, but wondering when the meal will finally end and if I could ask for the last couple courses to-go. It won’t be long before degustation fatigue ends up in the dictionary. I blame all those food-photographing foodies (ignore the photos below) who worship celebrity chefs (ignore my post on Sepia) and swallow whatever the chef deigns to serve – they’re the masochists of the food world, a pack of degustation gimps ruining it for the rest of us. It’s a veritable Fifty Tastes of Grey... But then along comes Sixpenny and my world is turned upside down.

If I had to summarise, I’d say wow. A blind degustation – I lost track of the number of courses, but recommend trying the full menu – with lots of light and tasty combinations brought to the table by the chefs (a nice touch). Goldilocks would be happy – the timing of the courses was just right, and The Bear and I left feeling not too heavy, not too light (but maybe a little tipsy). And such great value for one of the best degustations in Australia!

Food is visual as much as it is taste and smell, and the various courses were beautifully and simply presented – you want to eat this stuff, not just because it tastes good, it looks good. And for a meat eater, I oddly loved the menu because it wasn’t meat heavy – no cliched foie gras, duck, beef, pork, squab… There was enough meat to keep me happy, as well as really, really good servings of seafood and vegetables. In fact, if you twisted my arm and made me name a least favourite, I’d pick the main meat course (the mutton) – still a very lovely dish, but maybe not as strong in flavour as some of the others. My favourite? Hard to pick but maybe the Crab, Silky Macadamia and Camomile combination. Wine lovers will enjoy the list too, with some interesting organic offerings as well as traditional choices.

So all you food gimps out there, as well as carnivores and sufferers of degustation fatigue, give Sixpenny a try. If degustations are tyrannical, then the combination of food, service and venue make the kitchen at Sixpenny the most magical thing – a benign dictatorship.



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