Mon dieu! Good coffee in Paris

For a culture producing the finest food and wine in the world, the miserable standard of French coffee can come as a surprise. To make coffee this bad cannot be accidental – it’s a case of murdering coffee beans, not manslaughter. But another French revolution has been brewing (sorry) over the last few years. As the New York Times put it recently, “Finally, Paris has a coffee scene“. Though largely a French push, it’s nice to see an Australian and American element to this evolution (anyone else remember Murky in Washington DC?).

For the record, I loved Télescope best, but you can also get a great coffee at Le Bal, Ten Belles and Kooka Boora. All pour a great espresso that’s smooth and dense, and not too bitter. My thanks, also, to the Bear, who put up with my traversing Paris in the rain to try them all. It turns out even bears appreciate a good cup, But I think it was the one kg blocks of Lescure butter that made her happiest.

Now if only this trend spreads to raise standards across the city – death to robusta, vive la France!

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