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Never dine with a vegetarian, it’ll end in tears – or brussel sprouts, which is just as bad. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks vegetarians are anathema to food and dining, taking far too much enjoyment from not eating things. Consider the reverse – has this steak been cooked with any non-meat product? Olive oil? Sorry, I’m a strict carnivore… If the fate of humanity was left to vegetarians we’d now be ruled by cows and bred for food by chickens (chicken feed is people!).

But when dinner is at Albert Street Food & Wine, it’s hard to say no, especially when the Veg and her (long suffering) husband (non-veg) are shouting me to a meal. The venue is inviting, a mix of spaces, bar seats, high tables and padded seats with lots of attractive wood and a large blackboard announcing store and foodie activities.

I almost choke at the plumber’s crack on display (though non-Veg points out that Brunswick has been gentrified and she’s unlikely to be a plumber – let’s agree to call it a Carlton chasm). But I’m saved by a good glass of pinot, and a bite of bread (the absence of bread plates concerns my companions, especially the Veg – is she worried they’ve wiped the table with a piece of porterhouse?) and some basil butter.

Mains are great – salmon, steak and pizza – and desserts are tasty. Having lunched at Moon Under Water that day, dinner here was much more enjoyable. It’s always a good sign when there are too many things to choose from on the menu – food that demands to be eaten.

My only regret – that I went here on my last night in Melbourne instead of my first. I’m sure I would have returned at least once already. Even with the Veg.




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