Anywhere but here

I always wanted to open up a cafe in Canberra and call it Anywhere but here. But then I’d have to live in Canberra, which would be too much irony to bear. I’m sorry, I don’t like the place – yes, it grows on you, but so does fungus.

Canberrans will try and convince you it’s worth visiting – there’s Italian & Sons, Brodburger (almost worth a one hour wait), Silo Bakery, a rather smelly lake, and some imitation of a government, but that’s it. Visit for a day and you’ll have had your fill – despite being told there’s so much more. I’m pretty sure misery loves company.

Thankfully, you can get a decent coffee from Lonsdale Coffee Roasters. They open early, roast and pour a decent coffee, and there’s some reasonable (but not remarkable) breakfast. There’s normally good music playing loud, enveloping you like a blanket. They also offer pretty good panini for lunch (try the cuban). Even the service isn’t bad by Canberra standards.

It’s worth fighting the early morning cyclists (aka MAMILS – middle-aged men in lycra, why oh why can’t you wear normal clothes?!) for a seat, and queueing with the public servants and uni students for a morning coffee. Grab a cupcake if they’re available. Face inside and you can almost forget where you are.

Anywhere but here.




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