Good morning London (Flat White)

I tread warily into the debate about the best coffee shop in London – instead, let’s focus on where I like to have coffee when I’m in town. My current favourite is Ozone, but it’s not where I have my first coffee. For that we need to rewind.

Flights into London from the colonies tend to land early in the morning. Very early. So early, in fact, that I was the very first person to exit Heathrow (in 14 minutes…) around 0530 one morning. Even taking time to shower and have breakfast after I land (an aside – the Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge is almost a lounge, serving an approximation of breakfast, offering an approximation of a facial massage), I tend to get into town a little early.

Many years ago, some Qantas staff put me onto Flat White in Soho for coffee (another aside, Qantas staff can be great for tips if they’re in the mood). For a week it was my regular before meetings at Whitehall. And it’s become a favourite for my first morning coffee while reading the IHT (even if the NYT on an ipad makes more sense and costs half as much). Get drowned in the music, watch London wake up while sipping on a salty mineral water and a macchiato. Maybe even have a snack (if they haven’t run out of your favourite).



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