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Fine dining in Singapore? Can

Yes, you can do fine dining in Singapore. There are some very good restaurants, even affordable venues. Here’s my list…

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Marshmallow with ants at Stanley Street

Blood and guts

My own Hannibal Lecter moments recently were better than I could have imagined: its body crushed, the guts and brains spread across my tongue, and down it went. But mostly it was the spice I could taste. Best chased down with a sip of wine. My first cricket. Time to rant about a couple of […]

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Brewtown in Newtown

Sydney coffee – a few favourite things

It’s okay to have favourites, isn’t it? Favourite food, favourite show, favourite child… I wouldn’t dare rule on the best cafes in Sydney – that’s very much a matter of personal taste. It’s a bit like commenting on the best band. And while I’m a Nine Inch Nails fan, there’s always a Mumford & Sons […]

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Dessert at Septime, Paris

London and Paris – the real must-sees

Wondering what the must-visit sights are in London and Paris at the moment? Sure, in London you can visit Westminster, ride the London Eye, lunch at the Ledbury and dine with Heston. But my pick is a small place in Soho – 10 Greek Street – introduced to me by a good friend, full-time lawman and part-time […]

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Berlin: a tale of cheesecake, more coffee, less lycra

Berlin has so much going for it. Over the last 20+ years, it’s transformed itself from a grim, antisocial, graffiti-covered orphan to an artistic, happy and cosmopolitan metropolis. This post will serve as a guide for my friend ShirleyTemple, visiting soon, but it’s also an update of my favourite Berlin places. But first, a rant […]

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Sydney’s best burgers

A good burger place is like a good dentist, a good GP or a good mechanic. Actually, scratch that – a burger place is harder to find, won’t make you wait as long and should cost less… I love a Shake Shack burger in NYC, and always head to The Bird for a ghetto burger when in Berlin […]

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Dessert, Wine part II (and Rootstock)

We begin with a tale of heartbreak, dear reader. I was preparing to blog about one of the best wine bar desserts I’ve had in a while – a salted caramel semifreddo at 121BC. This stuff is seriously good eating, better even than the salted caramel gelato at Messina. Soft, creamy, salty, sweet – somehow […]

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A steal at Sixpenny

Call me crazy, but I’m sick of degustations. Corby Kummer hit the nail on the head in Vanity Fair when he likened it to tyranny. I’ve sat through degustations at Attica, Sepia and Becasse – all fabulous restaurants which I’ve really enjoyed – with great food, but wondering when the meal will finally end and if […]

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Dessert, Wine

This post isn’t so much about my three favourite wine bars (though they are), as it is about two of my favourite things – dessert and wine. A story of gluttony really – but we’ll get to that. There are many good venues for a glass of red in Sydney these days, but if I […]

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Stalking Martin

This may sound creepy, but I’ve been stalking Martin for a long time. Following him, turning up unannounced, making demands. It’s not as scary as it sounds – we’re talking about Martin Benn (of Sepia fame), and I’ve been a big fan of his cooking since the Tetsuya’s days (when Tets was in Rozelle – […]

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